The challenges in managing today’s market volatility and regulatory issues within the evolving logistics transformation have become more complex and consequential. The extremes, as evidenced by the Covid 19 pandemic and shortages in operators and carriers have clearly underscored the potential severity of those consequences. Management teams are continually challenged with making decisions complicated by dynamically changing market demographics, emerging technologies, new lanes, and the advent of vehicle and robotic autonomy. Advanced technologies and increased investments in autonomous electric mobility for land, air, sea, and rail transports are opening new lanes while offering shippers novel ways to get their goods distributed faster and cheaper. The introduction of these various solutions, many based on digital technology, have quickly gone from novel considerations to a matter of long-term survival.

OUR SOLUTION: LogistiWerx is a Managed Service Provider offering pay-per-use Logistics as a Service:

  • An all-inclusive, digital transformative logistics enterprise suite or
  • Individually select any combination from over 30 à la carte solution modules.

Both solutions increase your efficiency and profitability by streamlining your digital supply chain.

“As a national LTL/TL carrier, LogistiWerx solutions have been instrumental in our growth and operations across all aspects of our business.”

-Tina Meintel, CIO, Elite Express

Logistics Supportability in Transformative Transportation

Kaydon Stanzione

CEO LogistiWerx, Inc.

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LogistiWerx VisAbilityTM

LogistiWerxTM offers the VisAbilityTM Enterprise System, a comprehensive Logistics-As-A-Service (LAAS), fully integrated solution, supporting the supply chain enterprise from order placement through Proof-of-Delivery. Post-manifest support includes, among other functions, managing TL/LTL freight, vehicle fleets, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), brokers, quotes, billing, expense and profitability analyses, predictive analytics, payroll, and human resources. In addition, through our modular architecture and pay-per-use licensing, VisAbility™ offers driver behavior scorecards, fuel management, order & billing management, CSR, real-time On-Board critical code Diagnostics and alerts, maintenance scheduling, accessorials, EDI, compliance, messaging, and much more.

Your Shipment Details

From your ERP/TMS

Live Global Tracking

Across Every Mode

150 Global Data Points

Weather, Traffic, Temp & more

LogistiWerx VisAbilityTM fully integrates its proprietary Sensor-Based Logistics and e-Supply Chain Management solutions. As a result, there is no inefficient external source connectivity to compromise data requirements or increase staff requirements for data management. This maximizes productivity and profits by driving revenues and minimizing costs. From 1PL through 5PL, we provide organic and aggregated SCM solutions for the movement of people, packages, and TL/LTL freight, while offering 360o visibility throughout the chain and across any transportation mode.

Network Collaboration

Detailed Analysis

End-to-end Tracking

Driver App


Derived from our experience with advanced technologies deployed by the US Military Services, LogistiWerxTM incorporates the latest developments in telecommunications, sensors, operational software, autonomy, and hardware to fully support shippers and carriers from initial order placement through proof-of-delivery.

Our patented and proprietary technologies are US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) approved. Additionally, our unique Pay-Per-Use, Single Sign-On IoT sensor-based logistics system provides maximum flexibility in managing enterprise supply chain management expense.

Why LogistiWerxTM?

Our technology is borne from years of successful software and hardware development and operations with the US Military, Department of Defense, multi-national corporations, brokers, and Owner/Operators engaged in land, sea, air, and rail modalities. Unlike providers of specialized software/hardware, LogistiWerxTM designs, develops, and delivers the fully integrated suite of proprietary software and hardware to completely manage the Enterprise Supply Chain process.

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