The only fully integrated solution that automates the matching of drivers to manifests without need for
an API, using driver available hours of service to dispatch in compliance with FMCSA eLog requirements.

  • End to End Automated Freight Processing

  • Manifest Integrated ELD

  • Expedient Route Maximized Delivery

  • 24/7 Shipment and Asset Visibility

  • Real-time Asset Maintenance Monitoring

  • Shipment Integrity and Security Monitoring

All Inclusive Single Solution

In addition to featuring a complete freight processing system supporting every aspect from order placement through proof-of-delivery and invoicing, the single sign-on LogistiWerxTM Enterprise System (LESTM) for freight carriers also includes a state-of-the-art fleet management system with the proprietary Orion VIS™ (Vehicle Intelligence System) ELD, designed and manufactured by LogistiWerxTM. This single, organically integrated system allows for the most efficient freight process combined with the most accurate and cost-effective fleet management. The automated matching of drivers to manifests based on FMCSA available hours of service (HOS) eliminates the complexity of manual matching as well as the cost of added staff in manually meeting those regulatory requirements. This enhancement, along with our systematic warehouse and dock management process ensures more timely dispatch. The LogistiWerxTM Driver Manifest Manager App assures consistent, on-time, error free delivery for LTL transit. Automated routing, based on the option of least cost or fastest transit time is optimized for location, dock HOS, driver HOS, traffic, weather, and road conditions, and calculates or dynamically updates the Projected ETA by those variables. This ensures 24/7 shipment VisAbilityTM throughout transit. Our Smart Sensors and video cameras support transit safety, as well as freight and asset integrity and security, including temperature, humidity, freight movement and trailer breach or disconnect, whether tethered or untethered.

Automated Single System for Complete Freight Processing

Many freight processing systems have become less efficient with additional third party, specialized systems and programs, requiring more computer and human resources. LogistiWerx FreightTM is a single-sign-on, end-to-end, data-centric, freight processing system that is organically integrated with LogistiWerxTM Fleet and Orion VISTM (Vehicle Intelligence System) ELD.

Manifest Integration with the Proprietary Orion VISTM ELD

Whether outbound, backhaul, or Pick-n-Run, the organic integration of the freight manifest with the Orion VISTM eLog automatically identifies the best drivers, based on available hours and proximity. No third-party API is required. Routes are dynamically optimized for location, dock HOS, driver HOS, traffic, weather, and road conditions and calculates or updates the Projected ETA.

24/7 Shipment and Asset Visibility

Shipment location and Dynamic Predictive ETA are accessible by all vested parties via automated systems. Trailers, are monitored, tethered and untethered, and optionally alerted for status such as location, temperature, humidity, reefer conditions, freight movement, trailer security breach and disconnect.

Real-time Asset Maintenance Monitoring

Orion VISTM (Vehicle Intelligence System) manages all vehicle ECU diagnostic and performance codes, alerting on crucial pre-defined conditions. This supports driver behavior, ELD, and offers decision support for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions.

Safety and Security Monitoring

Through the continual monitoring, alerting and responding to changes in the safety, security and condition of drivers, freight, tractors, trailers, and the local environment, our proprietary, sustainable smart sensors provide the highest level of safety for people, freight and assets.

Line Haul Management

The ability to create global, real-time, interconnected, freight management assures multimodal visibility, multi-agreement and contract control, digital document availability, customizable lanes and times, cross border requirements and transport exception alerts.

Management Reporting and Analysis

Having a centralized and secure database for all freight and fleet management, customer support, and sales data makes the production of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytic reports quickly accessible, efficient, and protected against cyber threats.

LESTM integrates freight, fleet, and business enterprise management to fully support freight operations for Truckload (TL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), and courier delivery, and will scale to any size business or logistics operation. The LESTM freight management system is powered by the latest in software, hardware and telematics technology including proprietary, intelligent algorithms and AI systems, and is validated with over 200 million transport miles. With LESTM available, managed on a robust cloud network requiring no incremental capital investment or IT maintenance expense, your enterprise will experience greater efficiency, higher productivity, more profitable revenues, and significantly fewer human errors. And there is no costly total system subscription requirement. The VisAbilityTM pay-per-use pricing model allows you to pay only for functions you use.

“We utilized LogistiWerx transportation management solutions to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) throughout all of New York City. We selected the LogistiWerx solution over existing ride hailing providers Uber, Lyft, and traditional taxi and limousine services because of their superior logistics supportability.”

-Bob Brown, COO Cares, Inc.
A Northwell Health Subsidiary