Interoperability between electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic waveforms

Similar to sensor fusion, communications fusion provides seamless interoperability between electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic waveforms. Our proprietary multiplex interface bus enables our sensors and machines to share voice, data, and video between satellite, cellular, and radio communications using a variety of protocols such as M2M, Modbus, ZigBee, and many more. This results in fault-tolerant, fail-safe interconnectivity between our organic and disparate computers, machines, and sensors. Our multi-modal radio solutions provide options to transmit via least cost or maximum priority, automatically switching based on message demand priority.

Our long-range, sustainable powered radios enable seamless communications that are the backbone of our solutions and product offerings for IoT, sensors, ELD, freight management, and many other applications.

“LogistiWerx provides a comprehensive global supply chain solution for our TraceX chemical detection sensors that offers the highest cost and operational benefits.”

-Joe Straub, COO CloudTech Sensors.