The only fully integrated TL/LTL freight processing solution available for freight carriers.

From order placement through proof-of-delivery and invoicing, the LogistiWerx™ Freight Management System supports every aspect of freight processing, including pricing, manifesting, freight status, accessorials, invoicing, payroll, cost of operations, productivity analysis, human resources, customer relations, and potential customer requirements for standard mileage and pricing data from vendors like SMC, PC Miler and Rand McNally and more, all in one easy to use system.

Automate Orders and Pricing

With our Customer Facing Order Webpage, customer quote requests, calculations, shipping orders and manifests can be automated for shipment review and authorization.

Maximize Efficiency

Achieve efficiency only capable with a single, data-centric, total freight process system, eliminating 3rd party system subscription cost, and added staff expense to support multiple data entry.

Reduce Costly Human Error

Multi-system processing requires multiple data transfer, which increases the potential for human error. These errors are significantly reduced with a data-centric, single system with uninterrupted data flow.

Increase Error Free Delivery

All shipping manifests are digitally transferred to the Orion Freight MateTM Driver App, assuring compliance with FMCSA requirements and increased on-time, error free delivery.

Maintain Data Security

Multiple 3rd party freight processing systems with remote databases create the potential for data corruption and breach. These issues are more securely managed with a comprehensive, single database system.

Maximize Business Analytics

With a single database for all freight processing transactions, management reports, productivity analysis and forecasting can be completely automated, timely and cost effective.

Grow Unburdened Revenue 400%

LogistiWerxTM delivers efficiency improvements in freight processing that provide for an average revenue growth of over 400% without increasing staff or capital expenditures.

“LogistiWerx provides a comprehensive global supply chain solution for our TraceX chemical detection sensors, minimizing cost and increasing operational efficiency”

-Joe Straub, COO CloudTech Sensors.