We provide non-global logistics providers with the platform technologies and partner network necessary to compete with large monolithic supply chains.

LogistiWerx offers Fifth-Party Logistics (5PL) solutions commonly referred to as Logistic Aggregator which consolidates the demands of 1PL through 4PL providers into a singular large-volume offering. This results in optimum rates and maximum delivery efficiencies across multi-modal carriers and logistics provider organizations. Through business aggregation, LogistiWerx neutralizes the competitive landscape, making it possible for all carriers and logistics service providers to thrive and grow by being able to participate on a price and delivery basis against the largest of companies.

The industry is experiencing the rapid development of advanced transportation delivery modes which promise opportunities by opening new lanes which currently are either impossible or inefficient to service. LogistiWerx 5PL Aggregator provides the non-asset based seamless solutions that enable logistics providers of all sizes to augment their overall offerings by being prepared now to leverage the plethora of emerging developments in autonomous vehicle technologies, dock robotics, communications, and the like.

“LogistiWerx technology offered the USN Foreign Miitary Sales program innovative supply chain solutions that incorporated cognitive decision support solutions that minimized human error and the lowest operating costs.”

-Bob Carullo, USN Program Manager