Empower your business:

with situational assessment, interoperable communications, and a Common Operating Picture

VisAbilityTM harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) for Supply Chain Management through the convergence of sensors, software, computers, autonomy, and embedded systems. This results in connecting and exchanging data over the internet with mobile systems, vehicle ECUs, organic and external networks, and other edge devices and systems. Advanced carrier technologies, telecommunications, and autonomous systems are combining to offer a powerful change agent determining how supply chains will deliver people, goods, and information in the future.

Emerging Vehicles

Electric powered trucks, electric Vertical Takeoff & Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and heavy-lift transports are introducing more cost effective, expedient options to the execution of supply chain strategies.

Multimodal Telecommunication

LogistiWerxTM utilizes smart, edge, proprietary hardware to generate vital voice, data and video via satellite, cellular and land mobile radio networks across all multimodal transportation means.

Maximum Productivity

By recording and analyzing real-time vehicle, operator, dock, and enterprise system’s data, VisAbility’sTM machine learning and AI systems are able to maximize enterprise productivity.

Optimize Operations

VisAbility’sTM IoT solutions are available today to seamlessly connect disparate systems and optimize operations based on performance, cost, and customized operational metrics.

Advanced Technologies

Based on our history in aerospace, electric and autonomous vehicles, and advanced technologies, VisAbilityTM is already equipped to support the emerging mobility and telecommunication’s technologies.

“LogistiWerx technology offered the USN Foreign Miitary Sales program innovative supply chain solutions that incorporated cognitive decision support solutions that minimized human error and the lowest operating costs.”

-Bob Carullo, USN Program Manager