Smart Communities will result in modern, digitally interconnected urban environments.

In addition to the digital connectivity of self-sustaining energy grids, clean and safe neighborhoods, integrated services, and important social amenities, smart communities will empower advanced multi-modal transportation systems, and digitally optimize the efficient flow of traffic. By having the ability to access this integrated, smart network, carriers will be able to manage optimal traffic routes, avoid intermittent delays, and adhere to regulatory schedules for loading/unloading and parking, all in real-time.

The LogistiWerxTM VisAbilityTTM System is not only a secure, fully integrated freight and fleet management platform to best support today’s freight transportation requirements, but with our artificially intelligent systems to determine cost-efficient solutions to move people, products, and information locally, nationally, or globally, we are already expanding the VisAbilityTM platform to support the freight transportation dynamics of the emerging Smart Communities.

Access Smart Network

Be in a position with a TMS provider to access the portals of Connected Community Networks to optimize pickup and delivery within local guidelines.

Route Management

Benefit from the real-time, optimal traffic management updates and scheduling, and avoid congested roadways and heavy traffic times.

Manage Restrictions

Receive city or community parking/docking reservation availabilities, and restrictions like time and size/load access, and environmental restrictions.

“LogistiWerx provides a comprehensive global supply chain solution for our TraceX chemical detection sensors that offers the highest cost and operational benefits.”

-Joe Straub, COO CloudTech Sensors.