Automate dispatch with the only fleet management system to organically integrate shipment manifests with the ELD to facilitate the automated matching of manifests to drivers with sufficient hours of service

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Maximize Fleet Operational Efficiency

LogistiWerxTM efficiently manages any size fleet, including line haul for land, air, sea and rail (LASERTM), consisting of single or multi-domain vehicle inventory and terminal staging. In today’s increasingly complex environment of logistics, effective fleet management is a critical element to carrier operations. That includes shippers to receivers and everything in between. At the basic level, fleet management considers availability of vehicles, operators, and associated freight and dock operations. However, to remain price competitive, managers juggle customer support, route optimization, fuel costs, regulatory compliance, and driver ELD coordination. These and other business-specific factors that affect delivery transit time, costs, and client pricing are critical to providing top level, competitive fleet operations. LogistiWerxTM Fleet Management assures maximum efficiency, total customer satisfaction and increased profitability. Effective fleet management requires the complete operational connectivity available with LogistiWerxTM.

Maximize Convenience and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

In addition to providing customer access to a carrier-branded online quote and order entry web page, customers receive a projected ETA prior to dispatch and are then able to track the real-time location and updated ETA of their freight 24/7 while in transit. Upon receiving an accepted delivery signature, Proof-of-Delivery notice is generated, which creates an immediate invoice for that shipment. This invoice is then readily available for forwarding to the customer, improving cash flow and the accounts receivable turnover ratio.

Reduce Damage and Theft and Maximize Asset Usage

Ensure the safety of your drivers, assets and freight with integrated smart sensors and up to 360° integrated, video camera(s). Monitor trailer location and security, whether trailers are tethered or untethered, with LogistiWerxTM 24/7 VisAbilityTM tracking and 2-way security sensors. Protect against the loss or damage of customer shipments with smart sensors that monitor temperature and humidity, trailer breach, tether disconnect or connect, internal freight movement with alerts on any exceptions.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Safe Driving

Reduce accidents and serious injury, fleet damage and costly penalties through monitoring regulatory compliance to ELD requirements. Drivers are immediately informed of FMCSA updates to ensure adherence to new policy. Increase driver compliance to company safe operating standards through driver scorecards that monitor and alert for any violation of safe driving protocols, including hard breaking, rapid acceleration, speeding, unsafe turning and swerving. Unsafe driving issues can be corrected with real-time driver safety coaching.

Optimize Transit Efficiency

Gain significant efficiency through computer-based warehouse and dock management, increasing speed and load optimization while reducing human error. The systematic management of line haul transit time, optimizes the execution of multi-modal logistics. Avoid costly enroute delays with our automated, dynamic routing system employing timely updates for weather, construction, accidents and other events causing heavy, delayed or detoured traffic issues. The impact of these events are inputs in the real-time calculation of LogistiWerx™ projected ETA. Automate outbound and back haul dispatch by matching transit times with driver proximity, dock availability and driver available hours of service, which are directly accessible through LogistiWerx™ fully integrated eLog, without the need for any third-party software or hardware.

Generate Management Reports and Forecasts

Create either standard or customizable planning, performance analysis, and analytical reports with the LogistiWerx™ Business Analytics and Reports Suite. Create accurate forecasts with machine learning and business intelligence technologies including analytics, data mining, process mining, text mining, complex event processing, business performance analysis, management, benchmarking, predictive analytics, as well as prescriptive analytics.

Manage Fleet Maintenance and Operating Cost

The LogistiWerx™ ELD collects data on drive train mechanical health and operating performance from the vehicle’s onboard computer. System alerts are sent on critical code exceptions providing performance violations and impending mechanical failure. With this data, the high cost of enroute mechanical failure can be minimized, and along with the Driver Scorecard, fuel cost savings can be achieved through the management of safe driving protocols.

Gain Enroute Document Efficiency and Security

LogistiWerxTM Mobile Orion Freight MateTM app provides drivers with an efficient means to electronically manage documents that may be required or requested in the course of the delivery chain, including Manifests, Bills-of-Lading, a Cargo Claims Form, Proof-of-Delivery, insurance policies and invoices. Information collected on job sites is transmitted electronically through the LogistiWerxTM VisAbilityTM platform for the carrier back-office awareness and management.

Maximize Driver Connectivity and Operational Support

Driver Communications and Operations Support are integral to the success of transportation supply chain logistics. The LogistiWerxTM Orion Freight MateTM, Instant Fleet/Driver Messaging System allows for urgent communication to be quickly sent to the entire fleet or to a single driver without the need to use a separate device. The system provides for two-way, hands-off, immediate communication with drivers. Further, driver support extends to other important areas like real-time driver safety coaching as unsafe driving issues are observed, Human resources and real-time accounting for driver payroll.

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