VisAbilityTM gives your business the power to instantly understand transactions, formulate automated as well as responsive management decisions, and execute for desired current and future success.

VisAbilityTM provides the unlimited potential of deep learning systems using advanced predictive analytics through object-oriented elastic data mining, neural networks, machine learning, and decision support. Using current and historical data and trends, these advanced tools offer the ability for automated and aided decision predictions about future or otherwise unknown events. These systems can be applied anywhere across our IoT edge-to-cloud networks, at any scale and for every device. Our operationally proven solutions, practical approach, established databases, and AI-optimized infrastructure significantly reduce the time and complexity of decision support analytics toward gaining a competitive edge.

“LogistiWerx technology offered the USN Foreign Miitary Sales program innovative supply chain solutions that incorporated cognitive decision support solutions that minimized human error and the lowest operating costs.”

-Bob Carullo, USN Program Manager