Collect, analyze and manage critical data without capital investment and IT management expense.
Significantly reduce data coordination and management expense across all transportation modes.

VisAbilityTM offers real-time, affordable “Logistics-As-A-Service” (LAAS) cloud computing solutions on a scalable and flexible universal, integrated Common Operating Platform with consolidated visibility. VisAbility’sTM platform supports today’s complex and volatile environments, without the burden of traditional development, setup, and maintenance costs for organic IT infrastructures and mobile edge computing devices. Logistics providers can efficiently customize modular cloud services, utilizing our on-demand, pay-per-use pricing model. There is no requirement to commit to an entire system subscription expense. Instead, users can efficiently manage part or all existing processes by virtualizing all modular cloud services and paying only for those services utilized.

Customize Modular Services

With all transportation supply chain processes on the LogistiWerxTM cloud, logistics providers can efficiently customize modular cloud services to meet their freight and fleet management requirements.

Pay-per-use Pricing

With VisAbility’sTM modular services capability, users can efficiently manage part or all of their existing processes with our Pay-Per-Use, simple and highly secure web service integration.

Integrated VisAbilityTM

The VisAbilityTM system enables the coordinated management of all transactions between multiple modalities through a universal, integrated Common Operating Platform with consolidated visibility.

Real-time Scalability

The VisAbilityTM platform provides affordable solutions that permit flexible, real-time scalability of services across local delivery, long distance lanes and disparate, multimodal locations.

Single Integrated Database

The seamless integration of multimodal telecommunications, multi-domain transport solutions, and existing IT infrastructures, significantly reduces data coordination and expense.

Be Prepared for Change

By utilizing VisAbility’s™ robust and effective IoT solutions, complex supply chains are able to more effectively manage the dynamically changing demands of supergrid logistic networks.

“We utilized LogistiWerx transportation management solutions to provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) throughout all of New York City. We selected the LogistiWerx solution over existing ride hailing providers Uber, Lyft, and traditional taxi and limousine services because of their superior logistics supportability.”

-Bob Brown, COO Cares, Inc.
(owned by Northwell, Inc.)