Solve your legacy supply chain limitations without costly and time-consuming third-party integration.

The only online Logistics Service Catalog that solves supply chain problems in real time.

Intra-Supply Chain partners access our Logistics Service Catalog to obtain real time solutions to existing problems or to enhance their legacy systems without capital expense. Our Logistics Service Catalog is a patented solution that provides over 30 software and integrated sensor modules that enable rapid solutions to supply chain problems and legacy system limitations. The modules are additive in that they serve as “building blocks” that augment existing digitally powered systems or can be used to eventually migrate to a transformative end-to-end enterprise system. With unprecedented challenges in global supply chain operations, the Logistics Service Catalog enables businesses to transform their supply chain operations via migration to sustainable and autonomous transport carriers & freight handling mobile robots.

“As a transformative aerospace provider we use the LogistiWerx Service Catalog to fill gaps in our logistics supply chain.”

-R. Tarone, Airborne FRS