Emerging Technologies are Driving Emerging Vehicle Designs

Recent developments in technology have accelerated the development of emerging transportation vehicles for moving people, cargo, and packages. These new vehicles promise to be core components to the development of smart cities and utilize advanced sensors, post-classical computing and communications, digital ecosystems, and autonomy. Significant global initiatives are underway for all-electric, lightweight, short-range aircraft. These vehicles offer considerable potential for positive contribution in the areas of passenger and small package delivery. However, logistics efficiencies are best realized by the optimal combination of larger freight loads and longer distances. The advancement of these emerging vehicles are supported by new developments in technologies including fuel-cell energy, hybrid propulsion systems, aerostats, and ground effect vehicles.

“LogistiWerx technology offered the USN Foreign Miitary Sales program innovative supply chain solutions that incorporated cognitive decision support solutions that minimized human error and the lowest operating costs.”

-Bob Carullo, USN Program Manager