Sensor Fusion and Fogging Improve Logistics Autonomy

Minimize decision uncertainty and achieve more accurate automated decisions

Utilizing sensor fusion, fogging and computational algorithms with the LogistiWerxTM Smart Sensors significantly reduce the uncertainty in deploying automated solutions to streamline the processing and delivery of people and freight payloads. Our proprietary sensor fusion boards offer a compact footprint with the capability of automated Over-The-Air programming. This capability is combined with edge fogging, which enables our sensors to process data derived from disparate sources in real-time, make automated decisions, and control both analog and digital machinery to achieve the desired results.

The resulting information minimizes decision uncertainty through improved situational assessment, offering more accurate and autonomous control of digital and physical machines deployed for storing, moving, transferring, and transporting any payload.

“As a national LTL/TL carrier, LogistiWerx solutions have been instrumental in our growth and operations across all aspects of our business.”

-John Smith, ABC, Inc.