Transformative Transportation changes how people travel

The transportation industry is going through a transformation that is destined to change how people move from place to place. Vehicle options are rapidly expanding due to advancements in power systems, materials, automation and other associated technologies. Passengers have multiple transportation vehicle options that include automobiles, air vehicles, rail cars, watercraft, and scooters. Traditionally, passengers purchased individual ride tickets for each transportation mode, or utilized a third-party agency to append the various tickets. However, mobile app ticketing and advanced logistic carrier transfer technologies are enabling the development of a single ticketing system that manifests the passenger from door-to-door through any number of different carrier modes. Thus, the future of travel is bound to be multimodal with the need for a multimodal ticketing system. LogistiWerx is well positioned to meet that need. We are currently able today to manifest end-to-end ticketing through any combination or all of those modes using a single pay mobile app.

“LogistiWerx provides a comprehensive global supply chain solution for our TraceX chemical detection sensors that offers the highest cost and operational benefits.”

-Joe Straub, COO CloudTech Sensors.