Flying Ship Company


January 25, 2021

Flying Ship Company, LogistiWerx Sign MOA to Cooperate on Wing-in-Ground-Effect Vessels

The Flying Ship Company and LogistiWerx have signed a ground-breaking Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) providing for Flying Ship ground effect vessels to use LogistiWerx’s logistics solution to seamlessly support the supply chain from shipper to receiver, providing faster, more secure and environmentally-friendly transit while minimizing the price per-pound, per-mile.

“The partnership with LogistiWerx is a major step forward for Flying Ship Company,” said Flying Ship CEO Bill Peterson. “Their logistics platform provides enormous benefits to our maritime vessels as we work towards full commercialization. We look forward to working with them to secure funding to bring this project to reality.”

“Flying Ship Company’s modernized Ekranoplan-type craft are an innovative solution to the problem of delivering goods quickly and inexpensively,” said LogistiWerx CEO Kaydon Stanzione. “Our mobility platform is a natural fit for this disruptive and radical logistics watercraft. We look forward to working together to satisfy these untapped blue ocean, inland, and river markets.”

The MOA formalizes the partnership between Flying Ship and LogistiWerx as the companies look to develop further partnerships and draw shippers and carriers to an untapped market for autonomous ground effect vessels for the fast and inexpensive delivery of time-critical, pricesensitive goods and the accompanying logistics/mobility platform. 

About Flying Ship Company

The Flying Ship Company is developing patent-pending ground effect vessels that will fly just over the water, will be ten times faster than boats, cost just one quarter to operate than planes, provide tens of thousands of additional access points and reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. This concept aims for fast, inexpensive delivery of time-critical, price-sensitive goods. For more information, please visit:

About LogistiWerx

Derived from our experience with advanced technologies deployed by the US Military Services, LogistiWerx™ incorporates the latest developments in telecommunications, sensors, operational software, autonomy, and hardware to fully support shippers and carriers from initial order placement through proof-of-delivery. For more information, please visit: